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Keto's Most Flavorful Cookie

1.5 g net carbs per cookie, naturally sweetened with plant-based Erythritol and 100% made with clean ingredients.

What more could you ask?

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BisKeto is sweetened with plant-based Erythritol, which is known for its low impact on blood sugar levels.

Lowest Net Carb of All

Other Keto cookies have between 1-4g net carb depending on the flavor. BisKeto cookies are between 1-1.5g net carb each.

BisKeto is a smart, straightforward and delicious way of using your daily carb allowance!

Loved by Friends and Kids Alike

Your friends won't be able to tell that BisKeto has no sugar. Keep them away from your children if you want to see them last!

Perfect for Sharing with Someone you Love

Let's face it: few things can be nicer than sharing a piece of sweet with a dear friend. Because BisKeto is so flavorful, you can be Keto and share your Keto goodness with a non-Keto friend and you will both be happy.


BisKeto is free of artificial ingredients. We rely solely on natural foods to provide BisKeto's freshness, taste, stability and shelf-life.

Paleo, Grain-Free and Gluten-Free as well

Because BisKeto has no grains or processed flours, it is a great snack for individuals that have given up processed foods, grains or gluten.

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